Landscape Design

Here at EcoGreen we take pride in our landscape designs. We believe in carefully planning out a design with the future in mind. All of our landscape designs are designed with Ecogreen standards and promote water conservation.

Reasons to carefully plan out a design:

  • Plant growth, they will grow and mature so this needs to be taken into consideration in the design phase
  • Garden growth, sometimes gardens and landscape designs are constructed in phases, by designing the entire landscape during the design phase this allows a partner to construct their landscape on their budget if necessary.
  • Irrigation, during the design phase of an irrigation system we make sure to include any future landscaping plans in the irrigation design, you can always plant later.
  • Uniformity, by carefully planning out a landscape design we are able to create a theme.  Without a theme or carefully planning out a design you stand to have a landscape that is "full of stuff". Some of the things that happen when a landscape is not carefully designed are: Plants are planted in areas that they do not do well in, plants are planted together that do not do well together, irrigation systems not taking pressure loss into consideration, and much more.
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